The Reclaimed Easel, 2020

The easel is a timeless piece of furniture suspended in creative potential. Even when collecting dust in the corner of a decaying art studio, it is asking to be used or fantasised about.The Reclaimed Easel innovation lies in the sustainable material makeup of common building waste, utilising unique, simple and custom fixtures. An affordable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing alternative to what is currently available in the mainstream market. Proportionate to the human body, facilitating a deeply personal connection to an object beyond simple function. 

The Reclaimed Easel is designed to fit seamlessly into any home not only as a painting stand but also as a sleek furniture piece, perhaps a place to hang one’s coat on.

Image: Jake Wilson, The Reclaimed Easel, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist

Jake Wilson, portrait, 2020


Jake Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist and maker who draws upon the simple genius of nature to create designs. The New Zealand born designer spends his time analysing the way in which things are made and how they could be made with a focus on improving sustainability and usability. His seamless movement between various mediums allows for ideas to evolve and transform across the two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes.

Image: Jake Wilson, portrait, 2020, Photo: Sunnie Zuleta