Hive Vases, 2019

Inspired by the writings of Josef Albers, the Hive Vase is an exploration of colour and texture. Through colour and texture the natural optics of the material transform, appearing to move the object closer or further from the eye. The interplay of the bright opaque and satin transparency questions the materiality of glass, inviting the viewer to touch. Designed to be paired with its mates, the works create a conversation with one another, bringing bold colour and a sense of play into their environment.

Best Squeeze Carafe, 2018

The Best Squeeze Carafe prioritises functionality within its design, the indents on the side of the carafe, as if squeezed by the makers hand, function to make it easier to grip when full. Whilst being an object of use, the Best Squeeze Carafe can also stand alone as an art or design piece. The coloured glass elegantly capturers the light, making the form appear as if it were in motion and it is as if the carafe is inviting you to pick it up.

These works are aimed at a market that understands and appreciates the beauty of everyday objects. Challenging the culture of mass consumption by innovative design and handmade quality

Image (Top): Katie-Ann Houghton, Hive Vase, 2019, Photo: Isobel Markus-Dunworth

Image: Katie-Ann Houghton, Best Squeeze Carafe, 2018, Photo: Isobel Markus-Dunworth

Katie-Ann Houghton, portrait


Katie-Ann Houghton is an Artist, Designer and Maker based in Sydney Australia. Her contemporary works are inspired by early 20th Century Design and embody a decade long passion for traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques. Katie’s design philosophy is based around the idea that the objects that we engage with every day should engage our senses and bring us joy through use. Katie aims to challenge the culture of mass consumption by creating work with innovative design and handmade quality.

Image: Katie-Ann Houghton, portrait, Photo: Anton Kross

Katie-Ann Houghton, Best Squeeze Carafe, 2018