"Inspired by Tim Ingold's book, Line, I created this series as an expression of my creative journey through the current turbulent times which is Covid-19. I would like to invite you to experience this journey as I design my pieces to express the starts and pauses of my design process. My first piece is an expression of the simple sketch on a napkin or whatever surface that happens to be available at the time the thought came to be. It holds a reference to memories. The simplest line of all holds the most. My second piece is unsteadily standing on one leg, it is warped with pieces trying to connect but are just not there yet. It reflects research, a myriad of thoughts and ideas, and and the battleground of creativity before coming to the refined final piece. The third piece stands in solidarity. It is strong, handsome with a glistening glow. The piece is made with two pieces of brass that gently slide one into the other. Here you become part of this journey. If not emotionally, literally; lean in and see your reflection. You are now one with the process, one with the art."

Alexianna Stephenson is a storyteller, who believes creativity is essential in order to express herself. She is passionate about making and exhibiting art with integrity, honesty and simplicity.

Design Story, 2021
Series of 3

Image: Alexianna Stephenson, Design Story, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist