Influenced by the aftermath of the 2019-20 Australian bushfires on our native landscape, Amy Skinner is emulating the exposed remains of burnt bark and debris, highlights of green coat the crevices, reminding one of new life and new beginnings. Life After Fire is emblematic of the vitality of fire, from devastation and death through to regrowth and the rebirth of new life. Worn as a neck collar, this piece denotes the circle of life. To make this piece, wax sheets were individually carved and crafted using fluid motifs that uniquely mark the passing of time. Cast in champagne brass using the lost wax casting technique, components were connected through high-temperature fusing, and finished with an aged patina.

Born in the UK, Amy Skinner is a Sydney-based jeweller inspired by natural landscapes including the Australian bush, tree bark and rock formations. Discovering her passion for jewellery at The Bench and SquarePeg, Amy has honed her skills through material exploration, experimentation and constant learning. Creating custom pieces from her home studio, Amy established the jewellery brand getambry in 2019 selling online and with a UK stockist.

Life After Fire, 2021
Champagne metal, brass

Image top: Amy Skinner, Life After Fire, 2021. Photo: Chris Corby