"A country upbringing fostered an appreciation of subtle colours and variations in texture which has been reflected in many of my past works. Recent lockdowns have led to a focus on my immediate environment for sources of inspiration, including the large wood pile in my studio complex. Whilst creating this series, I found myself contemplating the contradictions associated with the wood pile; the pleasure derived from the warmth of the fire and the mesmerizing beauty of its flames conflicts with the environmental and health costs of wood fires."

Ann Welton discovered the delights of silversmithing and the hammering room whilst studying for an Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Technology Jewellery) at NMIT. It prompted her to continue her studies at RMIT University where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Gold and Silver Smithing) (Honours) and allowed her to extend her exploration of the expressive capacity of vessels and texture.

Balancing Act I, 2021
Copper, olive wood

Balancing Act II, 2021
Copper, bamboo, resin

Image top: Ann Welton, Balancing Acts I & II, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist