"The unique times we are experiencing right now have brought on a lot of reflection and time to re-connect and explore what triggers that creative sparks and desire to make something. For me, it is my love for gemstones. The structure, texture and colour are all part of my daily work as a gem cutter. The beauty in the rough itself has seldom been appreciated away from the potential for a perfect cut. Inspired by the work of Jean Vendome I saw the potential of showcasing rough crystals in my jewellery as a beacon for my love of gems and crystal forms. The natural facets, the smooth or the textured surface are all markers of how it formed and its crystalline identity ready to be shown off unaltered and inspiring the metal structure around it."

Annaïg Bidan is a French artisan and professional gem-cutter based in Sydney for over 25 years. A need to express the connection from her French origin after her move to Australia was the inspiration for her early work using calligraphy and old family documents to create wearable connections from the writer to the wearer, previous generations to their descendants.

J'aime Gem, 2021
Quartz crystal, sterling silver, black silk cord

Image top: Annaig Bidan, J'aime Gem, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist