"This piece is intended to remind the wearer of our continuous connection to the solar cycles and the importance of welcoming balance into our lives for wellbeing and self-care. Embracing balance brings refreshed perspectives and allows the flourishing growth of new ideas into tangible new ventures. It is designed to represent the time when the hours of night and day are in equal balance. The golden rutilated quartz stone represents the solar connection to this time with the sun rays radiating around half of the stone, representing equal hours of light. Solid brass was used to fabricate the piece to highlight the solar connection and bring out the brilliant golden rutilated quartz that has golden inclusions like rays of light.

Carly Slape is an emerging jeweller, who creates one-of-a-kind wearable pieces. Carly’s designs are centred around natural observations with a vision to expand her work into an expression of her ancestral ties of Norwegian and Jewish heritage. As a daughter of inter-generational artists and craftsmen, Carly feels a sense of comfort and connection to her ancestry whilst creating.

Equinox Pendant, 2021
Brass, golden rutile quartz

Image top: Carly Slape, Equinox pendant, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist