“I came to Sydney to support my partner through a health issue, then Covid struck and I couldn't return to New Zealand. I had only brought minimal tools with me, I had to use what little I had. It was quite exciting to focus on simple repetitive shapes and fold and manipulate the paper. The paper is from old encyclopaedias that belonged to my uncle. Sometimes being forced to look at things differently is a positive experience and this has been the case here.”

Diane Connal has been making jewellery since the 1980s when she attended Sydney College of the Arts. She returned to New Zealand in 1990 after many years living in Australia and now splits her time between New Zealand and Sydney. She uses found objects including paper, rubber, beach glass, bone, collected treasures and stone alongside silver or gold.

The Power of Now, 2021
Printed paper, paint, twine
Necklace I & II, $120 each
Earrings I & II, $80 each

Image top: Diane Connal, The Power of Now, (Necklace I), 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist