The transformation of the two-dimensional pattern into a three-dimensional wearable object allows a new form of energy to flow through the design, amplifying the unique qualities and character presented to both the observer and wearer. This piece in particular is an amalgamation of six different mandala designs, brought together and layered to form something that is both beautiful and fierce. Inspired by the form of the body, the piece moulds to the wearer like armour, protecting her from whatever may come her way.

Elizabeth Curry is a Queanbeyan-based designer-artist working primarily with metal. A fascination with patterns and the contentment, they elicit, has led Elizabeth to create her own intricate, hand-drawn, mandala-style designs. Elizabeth completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Australian National University, receiving two scholarships, including the Robert Foster Gold and Silversmithing Honours Scholarship, and four Emerging Artist Support Scheme Awards in her honours year.

Untitled Shoulder Piece, 2021

Image top: Elizabeth Curry, Untitled Shoulder Piece, 2021. Photo: Rebecca Worth