“Repose is the physical embodiment of the sharing of time and space, conversation and connection. It offers the opportunity to pause, breathe and appreciate. Designed to draw upon the vertical facets of the Ametrines to create a mid-century style tea set, the pieces were meticulously handcrafted during a JMGA residency at Bundanon and at her Sydney studio.”

Erin Pearce began her career 20 years ago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Practising across multiple artistic disciplines allowed her to pursue an increasing motivation to explore concepts through jewellery making. Erin expanded her skills through several roles and courses within the industry, before undertaking an apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacture. Formally launching her own business, Mill Foundry, in 2020, Erin’s work focuses on further exploration of technique and a desire to learn with each piece. Her work continues to examine the placement of herself, and her work, within the framework of Contemporary Art and traditional jewellery manufacturing.

Repose, 2021
Fine silver, sterling silver, 9ct yellow Gold, merbau & ametrine
4 pieces

Image top: Erin Pearce, Repose, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist