"Not all experiences in life are great, but you get something out of every one of them. This artwork represents a tremendous event - I recently lost a best friend. In this work, I perform my grief and feeling through time. The resin's clarity represents the sharpness of her memory since she was gone, and the writings in the resin are bits and pieces of the letter I wrote her after she was gone."

Iranian Sydney-based conceptual artist, Hannaneh Qiumarsi, dedicates her time and skill to contemporary jewellery and sculpture. She graduated from UNSW Art & Design, majoring in jewellery and sculpture. Approaching her works, she uses materials ranging from metal to salt and sugar to explore femininity in shapes and other mediums, referring to religious taboos, cultural differences, and personal memories.

Transience, 2022
Resin, paper, watercolour
Series of 5

Image top: Hannaneh Qiumarsi, Transience, 2022. Photo: courtesy of the artist