“We became very aware of our hands during the first COVID-19 wave. Gesture became more important as touch became more limited. Alongside this increasing awareness and the gravity of what was impacting us, some restrictions even prevented reaching out to loved ones in times of need. This is the first half of an ongoing series that includes 2021: The Eyes Have It - now that our 'focus' has been less about handling and more about communicating through our eyes.”

Helen Wyatt has a Master of Visuals Arts (Research) from Griffith University. She makes wearable and small wall sculptures constructed using the skills and techniques of jewellery. Helen has been exploring barriers in the landscape and more recently to connection and communication. She has recently undertaken residencies at Bundanon and a Hill End in NSW and is curator of the Window Gallery – @FTannerBaker Micro-Galleries in Sydney.

2020: Show of Hands, 2021
Copper, brass, sterling silver, stainless steel
$560 each

Image top: Helen Wyatt, Show of Hands, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist