Prickly Heart is a material exploration of glass and copper with an underlying concept of emotion, instinct and intuition informing the piece aesthetically and in the making of the work. Each component has been made from multiple elements that have undergone a regimented process of cutting, drilling and hammering. The alchemic process of heat is employed to fuse the assemblage of elements together as a unit. This process requires the glass and copper to work together, in a symbiotic relationship, protecting and supporting each other throughout the transformative stage which ultimately gives them strength and purpose.

Inga Svendsen is a Sydney-based artist and recent graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, where she studied Visual Art majoring in Jewellery and Object. Svendsen has a background in fashion and textile design and ceramics. Her recent work has focused on how the art piece is perceived by both the viewer and the wearer, how it feels to be worn and the sensorial impact. In addition, there is always an emotional narrative imbued in the work.

Prickly Heart – Breastplate, 2021
Glass, copper

Image top: Inga Svendsen, Prickly Heart - Breastplate, detail, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist