"This series is inspired by the simplicity of circles and spheres and their representation of the infinite. The way they interact with each other when connected, dissected or grouped creates complexities that transform a simple shape into something more. Working with spheres and circles uncovers a deeper layer, a connection to something bigger, mathematical, and universal. Exploring spheres and how they interact naturally lead to kinetic elements in the pieces, creating a greater connection between them and the wearer."

Jacki Stone completed an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts in 1992 and has worked as an art director and graphic designer for nearly thirty years. Jacki began silversmithing as a hobby in 2011 through small workshops but was inspired to explore jewellery and object making further, completing a Cert III in Jewellery Manufacturing at Enmore Tafe in 2020. Jacki was awarded first prize in The Melbourne Cufflink Competition Exhibition in 2019 and received the Design Excellence Award and Highly Creative use of Computer Aided Design Award at Design Centre Enmore's graduate show ‘One Night Under Lights’ in 2020.

Galactica Orbis, 2020 (bracelet)
Fine silver-plated sterling silver, 9ct gold, black South Sea pearl, white freshwater pearl, $8,000

Galactica Stella Erratica, 2020 (ring)
Sterling silver, 9ct gold, black South Sea pearl, black spinel, SOLD

Image top: Jacki Stone, Galactica and Stella Erratica, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist