"Human interaction is a huge part of my life. I thrive in environments where I am surrounded by people I love. In these turbulent times, a lack of social interaction has tested me. I have noticed a change in how I behave and feel after extensive amounts of isolation, to which I have realised the importance of the people around me. It has been incredibly important for me to stay in touch with these people while remaining separate and doing our part for the community. I aimed to capture this realisation and emphasise my own experience of these testing times in my collection of works, Connected Separately. I specifically chose a piece of weathered, recycled Ironbark timber, and embraced the cracks to represent the pressure and struggles that can be experienced in long stretches of isolation."

James Walker is currently an undergraduate student studying design and advertising at UNSW. He finds inspiration in natural, rounded forms and uses timber as a medium to mimic them.

Connected Separately, 2021
Set of 5

Image top: James Walker, Connected Separately, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist