"The suffragettes engraved ‘votes for women’ across the face of the ruling monarch on English Pennies to spread their campaign messages. It was a brilliant strategy, touching so many people’s lives long before the advent of social media. In 2021 many things are yet to change for women. In this neckpiece, I harness the idea of the suffragette penny to voice the questions on the lips of many. I use recycled and re-purposed materials as a commitment to ethical jewellery making. The patinas signify time passing and the biography of objects. Embedded text locates us in history and the now."

Working from an off-grid, solar-powered studio on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Janine Combes creates wearable expressions of identity and belonging. Janine is a Master of Fine Arts (Research) Candidate at the University of Tasmania. She was the winner of the Tidal’20 exhibition. Janine has undertaken residencies at Bundanon, North Vietnam, and Maria Island. Her work has been exhibited at the Australian Metal and Silverwork Award, Contemporary Wearables, Radiant Pavilion, Profile’19, The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, The Henry Jones Art Hotel and Handmark Tasmania.

When will we?... 2021
Vintage Australian pennies, copper wire

Image top: Janine Combes, When will we...?, detail, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist