"When I was a child, my grandmother always held her rosary beads and would often murmur a prayer in contemplative practice. It occurred to me that the process of making this neckpiece was meditative through the repetitious elements painstakingly created and threaded. Like the constructed nature of a rosary, my neckpiece is bound by an ordered process that is essential to the completion of the finished piece. The making process creates time for reflection and transports to another world, a place away from the crowding concerns of contemporary life. In this way, I find a connection to my childhood and have created my rosary."

Jennifer Fahey is a Sydney-based artist who is interested in experimenting with materials, both natural and artificial, and manipulating forms to create works that spark recognition of familiarity yet also provoke a sense of something mysterious and new. She hopes to inspire an appreciation of the natural world and create a sense of wonder.

Rosary, 2021
Sterling silver, mild steel, vitreous enamel

Image top: Jennifer Fahey, Rosary, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist