"Pale-leaf mistletoe is a native parasite that grows exclusively on species of acacia. Mulga (acacia aneura) is an Aboriginal word meaning long, narrow shield made from acacia wood. On a trip to far northwest NSW when the area was deep in drought, I saw strange eruptions of mistletoe in the mulga. My series of brooches recalls this experience. The mistletoe leaves are riveted to pieces of the sky, as seen through tree branches. I was drawn to longer shaped pieces of the sky because of the meaning of the word mulga."

With a background of work and study in Architecture, Jenny Johnstone is currently undertaking three years of study at Design Centre Enmore.

Mistletoe, pieces of the sky, 2021
Torch coloured titanium, gilding metal
Brooch I, $370
Brooch II, $350
Brooch III, $350

Image top: Jenny Johnstone, Mistletoe, pieces of the sky, 2021. Photo: Phillip Oliver