"The number of animals that die from plastic pollution each year is staggering. Animals are caught in discarded fishing nets, strangled or drowned, animals mistaking plastic for food and swallowing it. Most of the materials of my work are from my daily garbage, such as plastic bags, aluminium, paper and so on. By imitating the scenes of animals trapped by plastic (such as the bird's mouth stuck by plastic, and the turtle's nose inserted a plastic straw) I hope that people who see these works can feel the desperation of the animals at that time and reduce their use of plastic."

Jiahui Zhang is a current UNSW Art and Design student whose inspiration comes from nature or environmental protection.

Animal or Plastic, 2021
Plastic bags, plastic particles, aluminium paper, dry wipes, plastimake
$60 each

Image top: Jiahui Zhang, Animal or Plastic, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist