"Friedrich Becker created a perfect brooch in 1964 through the reduction to the absolute minimum, a long knife edge profile holding a .75 carat diamond with a 2-point setting. It is not possible to reduce any of its elements even further. My brooch is a homage to this work, applying the 2-point setting in one of my 30x30 mm brooch frames from the early 70s, updating the original materials to anodised titanium and a black diamond."

Johannes Kuhnen was the former head of the department for the gold and silversmithing workshop at the ANU. Johannes has exhibited widely throughout Australia and overseas and has work held in major institutions.

Two Point Set Brooch, 2021
Titanium, black diamond .5 ct.

Image top: Johannes Kuhnen, Two Point Set Brooch, 2021. Photo: Bilk Gallery