E-Os is a series of functional jewellery designed to protect and embellish vulnerable cords and electronic storage equipment. E-Os’ aesthetic theme is deeply inspired by real natural forms of preservation, particularly that of the human spinal column, responsible for protecting our spinal cords. This project investigates the future of jewellery and the possibilities that are becoming available through technologies such as 3D powder printing and digital modelling software.

Kate Hagan is a third-year student undertaking a Bachelor of Integrated Product Design at the University of Technology Sydney. Originally based in regional Dubbo, she now lives in Sydney. Kate has a strong interest in combining exploratory new technologies within contemporary art practices, through the use of computer-aided design modelling, rendering programs, laser cutting and 3D printing.

E-Os Series, 2021
3D powder printed nylon
Series of 5

Image top: Kate Hagan, E-Os Series Comb with SD, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist