"This brooch is the 12th brooch in the ongoing concert hall series. I chose Kazakhstan as its architecture is bright, unusual and dynamic. The country's concert hall looks vibrant and alive. It is located in Astana (the new capital of Kazakhstan) and was built to withstand the extreme climate - the architects wanted to create a flower amongst the vast territory. For this brooch, the colour is representative of the harsh elements that the building deals with daily. The wearer can make a strong statement of look but don’t touch, particularly relevant as the world is becoming very hands-off due to the pandemic, and some people need a reminder to keep their distance."

Based in Queanbeyan, Larah Nott graduated from ANU in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design Art, gold and silver smithing. She has exhibited in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Thailand with work in public and private collections.

Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall, 2022 – edition 2/3
Anodised titanium

Image top: Larah Nott, Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall, 2022. Photo: Bilk Gallery