“The Gum Blossom Necklace came about as I wanted to introduce more colour and texture to my repertoire. By using copper for the gum nuts, I could create 3D forms at a fraction of the cost of precious metal. I was then able to experiment with creating interesting surface effects through the use of patinas. The use of silk thread provided the opportunity to introduce a vibrant colour, as is seen in the Australian gum blossom.”

Based in Sydney’s Inner West, Lucy Morton grew up on the South Coast of NSW, alongside the Shoalhaven River, and her childhood was heavily influenced by the natural environment. This early imprint has been a constant in her practice, particularly the colours and organic forms that are so abundant.

Gum Blossom Necklace, 2020
100% recycled sterling silver, copper, green patina, silk thread

Image top: Lucy Morton, Gum Blossom Necklace, (detail) 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist