"In the early 20th century, women defended themselves against unwanted sexual and physical attacks with their hat-pins. Alarmingly, women continue to face the threat of physical and sexual violence in the present day. These brooches are designed to appear as a simple fashion accessory whilst serving as a small, discrete tool for self-defence. They depict traditionally feminine images: a love heart, a feather, and a bird, alluding to the traditional hat-pin embellishments of 20th century."

Currently studying at UNSW Art and Design, Megan Morrall explores concepts related to time and memory, and issues surrounding Feminism, gender and sexuality.

Daggers in Dress, 2020
Brass, stainless steel
Heart Brooch, $140
Bird Brooch, $140
Feather Brooch, $140

Image top: Megan Morrall, Daggers in Dress, (series) 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist