"These pieces speak to my longings during the NSW lockdown. Each object was constructed by found objects from my trips before the pandemic, and offcuts and scrap silver from previous works. Each object has good memories of the trips and takes me back to when I found them."

Naoko Takase is a Sydney-based wearable object maker. Her journey with jewellery-making began in 2016 as a therapy to overcome an identity crisis. Through her jewellery making, she found her voice again

My Lockdown – Longing for Normality Series, 2021
Touch, $450
Sterling silver, stainless steel, pods
Clarity, SOLD
Sterling silver, stainless steel, crystal
Structure, $450
Sterling silver, stainless steel, driftwood, pumice

Image top: Naoko Takase, My Lockdown – Longing for Normality Series (Clarity), 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist