"I love the amazing tidal range in Morten Bay, just near my home. Low tide reveals treasures from the ocean. The lines of the previous tide lines are etched on the sand sprinkled with natural and human-made objects. When I was young, I would exclaim at the finds, and collect bits and bobs - which included fishing floats. I would wonder about their journeys to get to the beach where I was standing. This collection of necklaces explores simplifying the float forms into wearable pieces. Elevating the objects that as I child I would cherish."

Nellie Peoples is a maker who focuses on the field of contemporary jewellery and small metals. At the core of her practice is the exploration of the connections between objects and people; and how the object itself plays into those connections by representing ongoing narratives.

Flotsam Morten Bay, 2020
Sterling silver, enamel paint

Image top: Nellie Peoples, Flotsam Morten Bay Series, (detail), 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist