"The chain necklace is a significant form of jewellery for me, having inherited a long steel chain necklace from my mother, an 18th birthday gift from her father in 1960s Denmark. I wore this necklace everywhere—I love its elegance, simplicity and versatility. With COVID-19 forcing the workshop's closure, I switched from wire to sheet metal, exploring its materiality in my home studio. Recalling my teenage sewing hobby, I tucked and folded metal, choosing fine silver because of its delicacy and slight malleability. I continued to experiment with sheet metal in a way that suggested the movement and folds of fabric. This piece results from that experimentation - the length and use of chain evokes memories of my mother’s necklace."

Nicola Knackstredt studied Jewellery and Object at ANU. She has created jewellery from an early age and discovered silversmithing as an adult, stepping away from a career in human rights law.

Long Ruffled Necklace, 2021
Fine silver, sterling silver