The Portal neck pieces were born from an intimate relationship with material, process, aesthetic and the conceptual departure from earlier jewellery works.

Ruth Allen has been passionately working with hot glass as her creative medium for more than 30 years. Ruth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Glass from the Canberra School of Art in 1993 and a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture & Glass from Monash University in 2006. Ruth works from her hot glass studio in Melbourne to create her signature work and often works with artists, interior designers, lighting designers and architects to visualise and fabricate their projects. Ruth has exhibited, taught and participated in workshops in prominent glass venues worldwide.

Portal Neck Series, 2021
Blown, cut, polished glass, hand died silk velvet
Portal in Brilliant Gold with Gold, $485
Portal in Cereluen Blue with Blue, $485
Portal in Scarlet with Red, $485

Image top: Ruth Allen, Portal in Scarlet with Red, 2021. Photo: Fred Kroh