Through analysing and investigating different species of spider’s web and behaviour, Shirui Xiao discovered gained insights into an "invisible network between spiders and humans". This project tries to challenge the traditional value system bycombination using inexpensive materials such as plastic beads. The work tries to capture the aesthetic appeal of the web after the rain into the language of jewellery using crystal beads.

Shirui Xiao is a designer-maker and visual communication designer based in Sydney. Exploring potential material languages through the combining of hand-making process and visual experiments, Shirui's design practice is guided by the sentiment: “Object + Experience = Messages in the journey of design."

Who is Weaving the Web? Bio-university: The Body Silk, 2021-2022
Plastic beads, wire, ceramics

Image top: Shirui Xiao, Who is weaving the web? Bio- university: The Body Silk, 2021 Photo: Courtesy of the artist