"Australia has always been at the vanguard even when wearing masks. Australia began wearing masks and respirators in the ACT early in December 2019 as the devastating fires of what is now known as the Black Summer 2020 began. Later, as the global pandemic hit the world, and the face mask became ubiquitous yet required accessory for protection. In this instance, I recurred to the Eucalyptus leaf and started once again roll-printing as I did it 16 years ago. I reflect on the challenges we have ahead, and I find inspiration from the beauty found in the landscape I am surrounded by."

Ximena Briceno’s studio practice is diverse, it investigates landscape and geography as an expression of location, migration and identity. It addresses landscape, memory, hybridity, migration and colour. Ximena predominantly work with reactive metals, ephemera, and silver casted native botanical specimens

Masks for Thought: Koalas, Pandemic, Climate Change I, 2020
Anodised aluminium, rubber, brass, titanium $950

Masks for Thought: Koalas, Pandemic, Climate Change II, 2020
Cotton, eucalyptus leaves, SOLD

Image top: Ximena Briceno, Masks for Thought, Koalas, Pandemic, Climate Change II, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist