The SIXTY The Journal of Australian Ceramics 60th Anniversary 1962-2022 Education Kit resource is designed for students of all ages and abilities. Themes have been expanded for their relatability. Activities can be adapted to suit a range of different educational environments and are not limited to students studying ceramics.

The Education Kit takes key themes from The JAC publishing story and the work of exhibitors in the SIXTY exhibition and unpacks them via a diverse range of engaging activities. Every artist in this exhibition has featured across the sixty years of The JAC is a storyteller with their own distinctive narratives. The things that inspire them and drive their practices are a consequence of their individual histories, environment and experiences, their relationships with other artists are also part of what informs them.

This Education Kit draws on the way that The JAC has told their stories, and the story of The JAC itself.

The Journal of Australian Ceramics provides a place for “sharing experiences and knowledge, and potters seeking connection with others who shared their love of clay and the ceramics process, it captures the essence of Australian ceramics thinking, practice and activities by balancing critical writing with personal stories and longer, detailed essays with short, precise reports.”

Vicki Grima, ceramicist and The JAC editor

This education kit was created by Melinda Young for Australian Design Centre.