About the Work

Omega Hall Table, 2023
Queensland silver ash, African zebrano
$3,460 - SOLD

Darren has been thinking about this design for some years but only recently found time to draft and construct the huge collection of jigs required for its production. He has used a combination of steam bending and tapered laminations for this table.

About Darren Oates

Darren has a workshop in the Hawkesbury and lives in the foot of the Blue Mountains. His furniture often involves the use of curved elements including bent laminations, steam bent solid timber, steam bent laminations and shaped solid timber. Darren uses traditional joinery but is not a purist, using a jig or machine if needed. He aims to produce collectable antiques for the century to come and considers form and function to be vital.

Image top: Darren Oates, Omega Hall Table, 2023. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist