About the Work

Vigne Bench, 2022
American ash

French for vine, vigne refers to the fluid growth of the solid ash curves. The vine ends run free, alluding to the inherent push for a designer maker to continually grow and develop. The main seat structure uses the stacked lamination technique, building a solid foundation which is carved back to shape. The vine is re-sawn from the same boards for grain colour and continuity.

About Nick Pedulla

Nick operates Pedulla Studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, producing unique pieces of custom-made furniture. A qualified cabinet maker, Nick combines modern techniques with age-old woodworking skills learnt from his grandfather, a master craftsman for over 70 years. Nick also makes high quality videos documenting his process, seen by many people around the world. He hopes to inspire others to create beautiful pieces of furniture via his YouTube channel Pedulla Studio.

Image top: Nick Pedulla, Vigne Bench, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist