About the Work

Kumico Cabinet, 2024
rock maple, red oak with ebony, Ogawa washi paper, acrylic, perspex

This piece incorporates the traditional Japanese kumiko screen in a functional piece of furniture. The cherry blossom stem painted on Ogawa washi paper is by NSW botanic artist Jennifer Halley. Warwick has travelled to Japan several times and admires the beauty and simplicity of their furniture.

About Warwick Wright

After studying at the Sturt School for Wood, Warwick established his own woodwork practice in Sydney in 2004, supplying galleries and commissions. He was Chair of the Woodworkers Association of NSW and established Studio Woodworkers Australia. He lives and works at Greenwell Point on the NSW South Coast.

Image top: Warwick Wright, Kumiko Cabinet, 2024. Photo: Julijana Griffiths