Ella Williams

(Series of 3) Fold, 2018-19

(Series of 3)
Fold, 2018-19

The Fold stool is an exploration into curvature in sheet metal. Using 0.55mm steel, Ella aimed to push the boundaries of this material’s capabilities by playing with organic and fluid forms rather than the geometric shapes it is traditionally associated with. The stool was designed for outdoor communal settings, particularly cafés.

Image: Ella Williams, Fold, 2018-19. Image courtesy of the artist


Ella often creates objects with playful interactions that provoke thought about the way we buy, use and dispose of everyday items. She enjoys exploring material futures, researching and pushing the boundaries of current and potential manufacturing processes. Concepts of customisation, longevity and sustainability are embedded within her work. She is currently completing a double degree in a Bachelor of Product Design and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Image: Ella Williams. Image courtesy of the artist