Jordan Leeflang

Sunday Stool and Soft Spot Bowl, 2019

WINNER - WORKSHOPPED19 Award, presented by ADC for Sunday Stool

Sunday Stool, 2019 

Soft Spot Bowl, 2019
(Series of 3)

Sunday Stool emerged out of a brief to create a high stool in response to café dining. Jordan Leeflang’s explorations bypassed the standard form, challenging the notion of a stool with four legs. He wanted to use materials that would be adaptable, in order to create a piece that could be customised to suit various interior schemes, whilst still presenting its own strong visual identity.

The seat is supported by two legs allowing users to easily slip on and off the stool in crowded areas, and its shallow seat works to conserve floor space. The seating position is altered, with the footrest located slightly forward of the seat, allowing the user to sit in a position more like that of a low stool or chair.

Sunday Stool is targeted to the hospitality market, particularly small bars, cafes and brunch spots. Its form indicates motion, capturing the essence of these fast-paced venues, and encouraging users to lean into conversation over shared meals.

The Soft Spot Bowl evolved through experimentation with form and scale and then a material to suit the desired outcome. The design was heavily influenced by the material properties and the processes involved in its fabrication.

Leather objects typically have stitching, overlapping or other visible joining methods. Jordan wanted this piece to have a visual wholeness to it, in terms of structure and form. The bowl is designed to appear seamless. The slump of the bowl shape takes force and heat to achieve, however appears effortless and natural.

Image top: Jordan Leeflang, Sunday Stool, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist

Image bottom: Jordan Leeflang, Soft Spot Bowl, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist


Jordan’s practice centres on designing and making usable, beautiful objects and furniture. “I strive to produce pieces that are refined, with pleasing proportions, and complementary materials. I prioritise craftsmanship and quality in the creation of all of my work. Experimentation is a large part of my process, both in design and fabrication methods.”

Graduating in 2015 from a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia, Jordan went on to study furniture making at Tafe SA and is currently working out of JamFactory’s furniture studio as part of the associate programme. His practice incorporates spatial considerations, flair for colour and detail-oriented solutions.

Image: Jordan Leeflang. Photo: Andre Castellucci