Ferhan Akyuz

Summer Triangle, 2018

Summer Triangle, 2018

The Summer Triangle, is a 3D printed ceiling light made from bioplastic material, making it an eco-friendly product. Each individual light is differentiated in its shape, one a cube, a square, and triangle pyramid. The series is available in four different colours, pearl white, light blue, pink, and green. The design is Inspired by nature’s stars, the Summer Triangle forms its own galaxy, consistent reduction, clear geometry, and clean shapes are the design principles behind the 'Stars' luminaires.

Image Top: Ferhan Akyuz, Summer Triangle, render, 2018, Photo: courtesy of the artist


Ferhan Akyuz is an Interior architecture in Sydney, who graduated from the Faculty of Interior Architecture with First class honours and began his career as an Interior designer. With a focus on interior and industrial design, Ferhan has completed projects in the America, Australia, Greece, and Turkey, ensuring client specifications are realised to the highest standards.

Image: Ferhan Akyuz, portrait, Photo: courtesy of the artist