Hyuck Lee

Bevel, 2019

Bevel, 2019

The Bevel table has been designed to utilise maximum space, produce clean lines and minimise clutter in the home or workplace. Scaled to perfectly fit the full width of a monitor shelf and desktop computer, with extra space under the shelf. The Bevel table provides flexibility for users to arrange their workspace in a small desk. The continuous chamfered edges make the overall look and feel of the Bevel table unified, creating a slimmer look than it’s actual material thickness.

Image: Hyuck Lee, Bevel, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist


Hyuck Lee graduated from Victoria University with an honors degree in industrial design, he currently work’s in the POS display industry. With a passion for creativity and love for making things by hand, Hyuck started woodworking as a hobby, creating items for use at home. He is now interested in taking his woodworking to the next level. 

Image: Hyuck Lee, portrait, 2020, Photo: courtesy of the artist