South Korean glass artist Kim Dong Wan's process begins with blowing and kiln firing his glass works to build shape and texture. The finishing technique and overlays of ottchil (natural lacquer) create complexity in the work. The layering of texture and its subsequent peeling away, mirrors the gradual growth of trees forming rings. Peeling layers symbolise the uncovering of past experiences and Kim’s personal growth.

Kim’s techniques and approaches have garnered national and international recognition, including his selection as a finalist for the 2018 Milano Vetro-35 and participation in the 2020 Korean Craft and Design Foundation Contest Exhibition. He established Studio Glass Movement in 2022 and has two glass studios in Seoul and Uiseong.

Ottchil Glass Pot, 2020

A Piece of Memory #2, 2020

Ottchil Glass Vase, 2021

Ottchil Glass Pot #3, 2022

A Piece of Memory #1, 2020

Ottchil Glass Pot #1, 2022

Ottchil Glass Vase #1, 2021

Materials: glass and natural lacquer (ottchil)

These works are not available to purchase.

Image top: Kim Dong Wan, Ottchil Glass Pot #1, 2022. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist