Casey Chen, Loving Cup, 2022, glazed porcelain, ceramic colourants, enamels and gold lustre, fired four times, 19x10x25cm

Ceramic Stories [digital connections]

30 November – 25 January 2024

Ceramic Stories [digital connections] presents diverse ceramic sculptures, objects and installations fused with digital activations.

Camille Laddawan, Fragment One, photo: Camille Laddawan.

They farmed tapioca, oranges and rice: Camille Laddawan

30 November 2023—25 January 2024

Through a series of beaded works, this exhibition poetically examines the ways in which heritage and ancestry unfold through storytelling to forge a child’s identity, amidst broader narratives of tradition, migration, cultural loss and change.

Mini Mind Garden: Minka Gillian

30 November 2023—31 January 2024

Based on an imaginary internal landscape, Minka Gillian combines manmade materials with organic forms found in both the plant world and our own bodies to showcase biomorphic sculptures.

Events and workshops

A great range of events coming up to keep you inspired. Grab a friend and come into the Centre for workshops, talks and inspiration. 

Ngalama Gundhu Ngura (Sitting Tree Place)

Ngalama Gundhu Ngura (Sitting Tree Place) is an urban resting place for community to meet and reflect on local culture.

ADC's forecourt garden beds have been re-designed, landscaped and revitalised with Indigenous plants and a bench designed to reflect the patterns of the land in the Gadigal Mural, supported by a My Community Project grant, proudly funded by the NSW Government.

Gadigal Mural detail 2019_Photo ADC

Gadigal Mural

Gadigal Mural, designed by Sydney artist Jason Wing, with ADC's First Nations Creative Producers Dennis Golding and Lucy Simpson is a collaborative artwork referencing both the topographical patterning and material culture of Gadigal country.