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Object Shop is the Australian Design Centre's retail shop. In the shop we sell handmade craft and design by Australian makers. Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm.

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What's on at Object Shop:

Meet the makers
On the occasional Saturdays, makers from our shop will be in store between 11am - 3pm. The talented maker/designers give a demonstration of their techniques and practice, explain their practice, and if appropriate allow visitors to have a go. Come in and meet a maker!

We are always interested in hearing from makers. If you are interested in being part of our Object Shop please complete this form and we'll get back to you. The next intake of new makers for the shop will be February 2020. 

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AM PM Ceramics

AM PM Ceramics (Anne Masters Potters Mark) is a small bespoke jewellery, art and design practice by Canberra-based maker Anne Masters. Anne thinks about ceramics all day and night, and primarily works with Australian­ Southern Ice Porcelain for its translucent and vivid white qualities. 

Amy Tamblyn

Sometimes tiny sometimes enormous, Amy Tamblyn's jewellery focuses on linear shapes and forms that quietly occupy a space around the wearer. 

Anthony Brink

Anthony’s work reflects a visual language of form, often pared back to a point of abstraction, but always identifiable in its functional purpose

Artist Profile

Artist Profile is a leading quarterly journal taking its readers into the studios and minds of contemporary artists across Australasia and beyond. Artist Profile presents the artists behind the art.

Australian Tapestry Workshop

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is regarded as an international centre of excellence for innovative, contemporary, hand-woven tapestries, created in collaboration with leading artists, architects & designers.

Baluk Arts

Baluk Arts is an urban Aboriginal community arts centre based in Mornington, Victoria. Emerging and established Baluk artists hail from all over Australia and their art expresses their identity and cultural heritage in a contemporary context.


Emma Kidd, artist and illustrator, creates articulated hand-painted and hand-cut monsters and imaginary creatures.

Ben Edols

Ben Edols is a Sydney based glassblower who specialises in Venetian glassblowing techniques. His work ranges from functional jugs and bowls to unique vessels and sculptures and is considered one of Australia's most accomplished glassblowers.

Bic Tieu

Bic Tieu is a contemporary art jewellery and object designer, working primarily with metals and lacquer. Her interest lies in the transition between materiality, technology and traditional craft skills for new translations in the appearance of surfaces and textural responses.

Bridget Kennedy

Bridget Kennedy's jewellery combines diverse, non-precious and organic materials with traditionally precious materials creating an ongoing enquiry into environmental fragility, impermanence, choice and value.

Byrnt Ceramics

Ruth Byrne, of Byrnt Ceramics is a Sydney based ceramicist. She uses range of clays including white, dark and iron rich stoneware. Most of her works start as wheel thrown vessels, which are then faceted at the leather hard stage.

Cardigan Threads by Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann is an artist, educator, artistic director and foremost a story-teller, working between the visual and performing arts. He takes what is considered rubbish and transforms it into theatrical fashion, accessories, functional products, art and sculpture.

Clare Mazitelli

Clare creates patterns from her watercolour paintings to print on natural linen and linen-blend fabrics. She combines these fabrics with leather and other materials to make bags, homewares and accessories.

Corban & Blair

Corban & Blair was born out of an idea to work creatively. They carefully select materials and techniques, and collaborate with other designers and artists to produce products that delight.

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs was created in 1985 out of a shared love of art, design and friendship. Curiosity and imagination are central to their work and fuel a sense of play that blurs boundaries to create a philosophy of colour, form and texture.

DM Pottery

Using time honoured skills and new innovative techniques, Denise McDonald creates hand built tablewear and wheel formed ceramic pieces.


Eggpicnic fuses design and conservation to end wildlife extinction through education. They create vibrant and contemporary illustrations, bringing you the stories of our critically endangered fauna, the environment and our relationship to it.

Elisa Bartels

Elisa is a Sydney based artist whose work is centred around pushing the boundaries of public perception on the capabilities of ceramics.

Elise Cakebread

Elise Cakebread is a textile-based artist and designer. Her cross-disciplinary approach gives life to sculptural work, decorative objects, accessories and soft furnishings.

Emi Ceramics

Emi Ceramics is a small ceramics studio operating out of Sydney’s Inner West, creating vessels and forms for the everyday. Emi Ceramics hope that the interplay of form, texture, weight and colour come together in the wares, and become a joyous part of your day to day rituals.

Emilio Frank Design

Artist and designer Shana Danon of Emilio Frank Design, creates vibrant paintings, prints and patterns from her Bondi studio. Her work celebrates form, function and colour with a touch of whimsy.

Emily Besser

Emily Besser is an artist who loves to paint, draw and make jewellery. She collects old glass and vintage plastic beads to make one-of-a-kind rings, brooches, necklaces and earrings. 

Emily Copp

Emily is a contemporary metal smith who works with a fusion of both old and new technologies and materials. She practices from her studio in Sydney’s vibrant inner west and is exploring 3D printing and modeling for her forms.

Emma Greenwood

Emma Greenwood is a process-driven craftswoman, trained in sculpture, printmaking and custom-made footwear. Using a variety of materials such as leather, postage stamps, felt and rope, Emma’s pieces are highly tactile and precious, referencing a love of colour, humour, symmetry and silhouette. 

Fortynine Studio

The Fortynine Studio is Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts. They aim to create an alternative to mass produced, commercial products with a focus on making and materiality.

Gill Brooks

Gillian Brooks creates contemporary handmade felt designs and is "mad keen" on textiles.

Girl Nomad Ceramics

Girl Nomad Ceramics is designed and handcrafted in Canberra by Richilde Flavell. Richilde enjoys experimenting with a variety of clays and glazes, to make work that is subtle, featuring soft lines with contrasting and complementary elements.

Harriet Schwarzrock

Harriet Schwarzrock’s practice is currently based in her backyard, where she and her fellow glass artist/partner Matthew Curtis, run a hot glass studio specialising in tinting custom coloured glass.

Hayden Youlley

Hayden Youlley believes that good design is about realising function with aesthetic integrity without unnecessary complications. He thinks the products and systems we interact with everyday should enable us, instead of frustrate us, and he hopes to instil that in each of his objects.

Helen Earl

Helen works from a home based studio in Sydney and much of her exploration of ideas for work comes from walking and gathering found objects in her environment. Helen explores the interface between form and function, nature and object and often incorporates found objects, usually nature’s flotsam, into her work.

Herbert and Friends

These charismatic animals get up to all kinds of mischief; from building time-machines, putting on plays and making Swedish gingerbread, life is never dull when the critters are around!

Hum Design Studio

Grace Hummerston is a jewellery designer and maker from Perth, Western Australia. Grace's work draws inspiration from 1970's and 1980's fashion, culture and design aesthetics


Marc has an interest in sustainable design and extensively researched and incorporated bio-composites into his recent products. He fosters both concept design for international exhibitions alongside the creation of functional design focusing on innovative lighting, home-wares, architectural fittings and furniture for interiors and streetscapes.

Isabel Avendano Hazbun

Isabel Avendano Hazbun has a practice driven by process. In her series Tare, Isabel draws from conceptually rich material, exploring notions of deconstruction and reassembly. Hand ripped, washed and reformed – these jewellery pieces show that same attention to detail for which she has quickly become known.


JamFactory Studio Production focuses on the design of useful, well made products. Each piece is manufactured or hand finished within one or more of JamFactory’s four Adelaide based studios in Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, and Metal design.

Jennifer Newton Ceramics

Working from her home in Coogee, Jennifer’s ceramics are designed to be both decorative and practical homewares. All are handmade, either slab built or formed on the wheel, using white earthenware clay.

Jennifer Robertson

Acclaimed internationally for innovative woven textiles, Jennifer uses a purpose-built digital hand-loom to create a broad range of woven textiles, for fashion, interior and sculptural work. 


Jessthechen creates a range of handmade products, all printed and handmade locally within her little home studio with materials sought and bought in Australia.

The Journal of Australian Ceramics

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Australia’s most widely read tri-annual contemporary ceramics magazine, is a valuable resource for professional and amateur ceramicists, students, galleries, arts administrators, curators, buyers and passionate collectors.

Julie Pennington

Julie Pennington is a ceramicist based in Canberra, ACT. Her practice is primarily concerned with making porcelain objects, with a particular focus on the vessel as a starting point. Her technique of building with textured coils allows the form and the surface pattern to be created simultaneously, and to reveal the activity of making. 


Born from a constant desire to create, Imby Langenbach’s bespoke bag collections exude classic charm, contrasted by unique shibori techniques that combine pops of colour with high quality materials suitable for daily demands.

Kate Sale

Driven by her love of traditional metalworking processes, Kate Sale crafts her bright, bold and unique jewellery by hand, injecting colour and vibrancy into every piece. Kate’s work is created using recycled sterling silver, gold and copper with kiln fired glass enamel, and ‘cold’ ultraviolet set enamel. All jewellery is designed and made by Kate in her home studio in Sydney. 

Kath Inglis

Contemporary jeweller Kath Inglis hand colours and carves PVC into ornate bracelets and earrings. Raised in Darwin, she now lives in the Adelaide Hills, where her studio is located in a nineteenth century stable.

Katherine Mahoney

Inspired by a medium which is expressive and exquisite; fragile and durable, Katherine tries – through the ritual and rhythm of wheel throwing – to create pieces that are simple, yet beautiful.

Keiko Matsui

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese born, Central Coast based ceramic artist who approaches the creation of objects with poetry and whimsy, yet always displaying a simplicity of which she is known for.

Kirralee & Co

Kirralee & Co is a woodworking studio based in Queensland. They specialise in making small-batch homewares, jewellery, knives and art from reclaimed materials. 

Leonie Simpson

Leonie Simpson is a designer and maker of jewellery and objects. Based in Sydney, she creates small run jewellery collections, bespoke pieces and individual commissions.

Linda Blair

Linda Blair is influenced by the use of enamel in historic jewellery and loves the way it was used to enhance or mimic precious and semi precious stones.

Little Rowan Redhead

Rowan Sivyer is an Inner West Sydney painter and printmaker. Her work is inspired by Australian flora and fauna. Rowan creates intricate stamps to print unique greeting cards and original prints. 

Lizzy Medynskyj

Lizzy Medynskyj is an artist based between Sydney and the beautiful Blue Mountains. She designs knitted jewellery using only the highest quality natural and ethical yarns.

Love and West

Jude Love is a seamstress, sewing teacher, graphic designer, web developer and teatowelist who has always loved the sweet graphics of Australian domestic linens.

Lyn and Tony

Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins are known for their multi-disciplinary explorations of photography, object design and jewellery.

Margot Design

Margot Design is made in Sydney and is quintessentially about Sydney. The textile collections designed by Margot Warre, are bespoke quality products made with luxurious natural fibres.

Melinda Young

Contemporary jeweller Melinda Young takes delight in colour and texture and her work tends to be made from either brightly coloured reclaimed plastics or natural materials collected on the streets and in the parks of her neighbourhood in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Milly Dent

Milly has an underlying philosophy based on the ideal of producing work that results in outcomes which are both utilitarian and sculptural. Using small-scale production methods along with distinctive marbling and geometric pattern work, the result challenges conventional expectations of tableware.

MJP Studio

Matt Pearson is an Adelaide based designer/maker, and the owner of furniture and object design studio, MJP Studio. He strives to create objects to be woven into the fabric of the family home, with every piece being designed and crafted with the utmost care.


modernmurri is a unique Aboriginal art studio based in Sydney that specialises in individually handcrafted homewares and accessories. The modernmurri designs have been inspired by the local Gomeroi country and culture, but accented with a modern timeless twist to suit everyday life.

Nadya van Ewyk

Nadya works with traditional silversmith techniques, to create objects of adornment, function and ornament. Interested in the tactile and interactive potential of decorative form, her work tilts between the made and seemingly grown.

Native Swinson

Native Swinson (Kate Swinson) creates hand drawn and printed textiles, inspired by the Australian landscape.

Nicole Robins

Nicole's practice is centred around a sense of time and place, especially the contemporary plant world around us in Sydney. She uses traditional techniques from basketry while embracing our current range of domestic, native and non-native plants – those that don’t feature in other places or times.

Nuts n Bolts Design

The Splat is a powerfully simple 3D drawing tool. Made to support the design process, it is perfect for any age. 

Outer Island

Outer Island’s mission is to bring awareness to the magic of this world by creating products that focus on native plants, animals and habitats.

Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy is a night potter at Claypool Studio in Botany and makes functional pieces in stoneware that look equally at home on the mantlepiece.

Pia Larsen

Pia Larsen is an Inner West artist who enjoys translating concepts through materials, imagery and objects. She creates handcrafted wearables, inspired by nature and astronomy.

Rina Bernabei

Rina Bernabei has had a long, successful career as a designer and has most recently been working in ceramics, creating hand thrown, hand built pieces.


Ro Cook is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in textiles. Ro creates her work by printing, dyeing and embellishing in 2D and 3D. Combining textiles and printing – she created Rokoco Textiles, making sustainable hand printed and dyed products. 

Romana Toson

Romana Toson is a contemporary jeweller from the Inner West of Sydney. Metal is her material of choice, but she is also drawn to organic and recycled materials. Her aesthetic has often explored the relationship of opposites, formal and organic, precious and non-precious.

Scoops Design

 All of Scoops Design products are limited edition, handmade and based on a love of geometric shapes, colour and form.

Studio A

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney Australia that tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists.


Marika Svikis holds a degree in architecture from UTS and has drawn inspiration from the Japanese minimalist Sou Fujimoto for her latest collection of jewellery. The pendants in the  Fujiomoto Collection utilise 3d printing technology, and are designed with architectural precision.

Sylvia Riley Designs

Sylvia Riley is a designer and dyer of natural textiles. Working only with natural fibres, primarily silk, linen and wool, Sylvia applies artisanal techniques, often combining her favourite disciplines (shibori, batik, gutta) to create new distinctive effects.

Tapestry Girl

Using tools of domesticity, artist Niki McDonald depicts urban life through her modern needlepoint tapestries. The colours and shapes of the city streets inspire and empower the urban women she expresses in wool, as she imbues them all with a sense of sass and individuality.

Tara Lofhelm

Tara Lofhelm is a contemporary jewellery designer. Working from her Melbourne studio, Tara explores textural repetition and contrast through primitive processes such as stamping and embellishment

The Raconteur

The Raconteur scented candles are handmade in Bondi using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. They tell the story of Australia's native botanicals, as originally found in iconic Australian locations. 

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is a social enterprise of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council created to enable women in Australia's remote central deserts to earn their own income from fibre art. 


TRADE the MARK is an art and design studio led by artist Christina McLean. Currently focusing on hand built and painted ceramic vessels, bespoke art pieces and textile design, the TRADE the MARK studio and its output is constantly evolving.

Vanessa Ion

Vanessa Ion has combined her love of making art with craft by creating crochet characters that are unique and made without a pattern. She aims to capture facial expressions that her subjects might have when there is no audience – when no-one is looking.

Vicki Mason

Vicki Mason is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller. Vicki’s work references plants to explore notions of place, belonging and the life cycle. 

Wild Fibres

Wild Fibres was founded by Ainsley Warner, an Australian jewellery designer and fibre artist, now currently based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her current work includes a range of unique woven beaded earrings which she carefully creates one bead at a time using high quality Japanese glass beads. 


Woodfolk work in harmony with both natural materials and communities in need to create beautiful pieces for everyday wear, that bring warmth and creativity.

Workshop 85

Sophia enjoys the challenge of designing and making pieces that are intimate, wearable constructions. These works have evolved from her innovative approach to materials, combined with a fascination of the relationship between texture and form.


YO.DAN create handmade glass jewellery and glass objects. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, inspired by the colours and textures of nature and crafted from the highest-quality materials.

Zara Collins

The process of transformation is at the crux of Zara Collins’ contemporary art practice. Her work is bound together by ideas of reinterpretation, appropriation and reinvention.  

Exhibition catalogues

ADC exhibitions catalogues are available at Object Shop for very reasonable prices.