Object Shop

Object Shop is a retail shop selling the work of local makers and designers located within our William Street gallery. Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm.
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What's on at Object Shop:

Meet the makers
On Saturdays, makers from our shop will in store between 11am -3pm. Come in and meet them. We'll update this page as soon as artists are confirmed.

We are always interested in hearing from local makers. If you are interested in being part of our Object Shop please complete this form and we'll get back to you. For all other enquiries please email shop(at)australiandesigncentre.com

alexis, eclectic

alexis, eclectic is the creative output of Alexis Withers. After dabbling in everything from physics to jewellery making, her current creative output is textile, print and garment centered.

Bic Tieu

Bic Tieu is a contemporary art jewellery and object designer, working primarily with metals and lacquer. Her interest lies in the transition between materiality, technology and traditional craft skills for new translations in the appearance of surfaces and textural responses.

Bridget Kennedy

Bridget Kennedy's jewellery combines diverse, non-precious and organic materials with traditionally precious materials creating an ongoing enquiry into environmental fragility, impermanence, choice and value.


A trained silversmith and jeweller with ten years industry experience, Nikita Margarita has a deep and abiding passion for art and fashion. She has been enamoured with the world of wearable art and craft since arriving in Japan in the late nineties and finding herself smack bang in the middle of a street fashion explosion.


Eggpicnic fuses design and conservation to end wildlife extinction through education. They create vibrant and contemporary illustrations, bringing you the stories of our critically endangered fauna, the environment and our relationship to it.

Emil and Nomel

All work in the Emil and Nomel range is made by Marija Bijelic on the potter’s wheel or built by hand.

Emily Copp

Emily is a contemporary metal smith who works with a fusion of both old and new technologies and materials. She practices from her studio in Sydney’s vibrant inner west and is exploring 3D printing and modeling for her forms.

Erin Keys

Primarily working with mild steel, Erin Keys uses both traditional and industrial jewellery making processes. Each design is individually drawn. Beginning with pen and paper, the image is then traced, scanned and re-worked using a computer program to make laser-cut ready files that are formed by hand, and finally powder coated.

Fortynine Studio

The Fortynine Studio is Ben Elbourne, Sarah Spackman and Harriet Watts. They aim to create an alternative to mass produced, commercial products with a focus on making and materiality.

Hayden Youlley

Hayden Youlley believes that good design is about realising function with aesthetic integrity without unnecessary complications. He thinks the products and systems we interact with everyday should enable us, instead of frustrate us, and he hopes to instil that in each of his objects.

Helen Earl

Helen works from a home based studio in Sydney and much of her exploration of ideas for work comes from walking and gathering found objects in her environment. Helen explores the interface between form and function, nature and object and often incorporates found objects, usually nature’s flotsam, into her work.

Henry Ellis-Paul

Henry Ellis-Paul illustrates Sydney architectural spaces beyond the famous landmarks. The buildings illustrated in his series, Community Icons, were picked for their striking features and pay homage to various cultures, societies and organisations within the city.

Herbert and Friends

These charismatic animals get up to all kinds of mischief; from building time-machines, putting on plays and making Swedish gingerbread, life is never dull when the critters are around!

Jenny Newman

Jenny Newman is a Designer Maker working across both the fields of object and textile design. With an interest in Australian history, identity, culture and the environment, her work is often inspired by these themes.

Keiko Matsui

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese born, Central Coast based ceramic artist who approaches the creation of objects with poetry and whimsy, yet always displaying a simplicity of which she is known for.

Linda Blair

Linda Blair is influenced by the use of enamel in historic jewellery and loves the way it was used to enhance or mimic precious and semi precious stones.

Little White Dish

Deb Taylor is a potter with 26 years' experience. Throwing is an essential part of her practice and she likes to think the appeal of her work lies in its simple aesthetic.

Lyn and Tony

Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins are known for their multi-disciplinary explorations of photography, object design and jewellery.

Melanie Ihnen

Melanie Ihnen is a contemporary jeweller who works in a range of materials from precious metals and gemstones through to porcelain.

Melinda Young

Contemporary jeweller Melinda Young takes delight in colour and texture and her work tends to be made from either brightly coloured reclaimed plastics or natural materials collected on the streets and in the parks of her neighbourhood in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Milly Dent

Milly has an underlying philosophy based on the simple ideal of producing work that results in outcomes which are both utilitarian and sculptural. Using small-scale production methods along with distinctive marbling and geometric pattern work, the result challenges conventional expectations of tableware.


modernmurri is a unique Aboriginal art studio based in Sydney that specialises in individually handcrafted homewares and accessories. The modernmurri designs have been inspired by the local Gomeroi country and culture, but accented with a modern timeless twist to suit everyday life.

Nadya van Ewyk

Nadya works with traditional silversmith techniques, to create objects of adornment, function and ornament. Interested in the tactile and interactive potential of decorative form, her work tilts between the made and seemingly grown.

Natalie Rosin

As a ceramicist and architecture graduate, Natalie's work freely explores form and space through clay. Her pieces are a combination of reworking iconic buildings and experimenting with her own designs. They invite the viewer to think about space and architecture in a sculptural and playful way.

Nicole Robins

Nicole's practice is centred around a sense of time and place, especially the contemporary plant world around us in Sydney. She is trying to use traditional techniques from basketry while embracing our current range of domestic, native and non-native plants – those that don’t feature in other places or times.


Angie Thomas is both maker and poet, her studio Ode Ceramics, produces functional porcelain wares that are crafted to feel “wonky perfect”. Each piece is designed to invite the hand and eye to explore and enhance the joy of entertaining.

Public Holiday

Public Holiday is a small brand focusing on functional and experimental ceramic vessels made by multidisciplinary designer Carly Buteux.

Sassy Park

Irreverent and whimsical, humourous and thoughtful, the subject matters of Sassy Park's ceramic works have extended from the human condition, personal texts, Australiana to the natural world.

Timna Taylor

Carefully crafted functional forms, with painted patterns inspired by the Australian bush are features of Timna's fine tableware.

Vanessa Ion

Vanessa Ion has combined her love of making art with craft by creating crochet characters that are unique and made without a pattern. She aims to capture facial expressions that her subjects might have when there is no audience – when no-one is looking.

Wild Fibres

Fibre artist Ainsley Warner incorporates traditional basket weaving practices with contemporary material to produce her unique handwoven baskets and earrings.

Zuku Jewellery

Made by artist Maija Frankovich, Zuku Jewellery brings together glass, metal and other materials to create distinctive and striking jewellery.

Exhibition catalogues

ADC exhibitions catalogues are available at Object Shop for very reasonable prices.