Designer maker, Yuwaalaraay wirringgaa, Lucy Simpson founded her studio Gaawaa Miyay in 2009. Gaawaa Miyay is inspired by country, relationships and notions of continuity and exchange.

Grounded and guided by the timeless and sophisticated philosophies of First Nations design, Lucy’s multi-disciplinary practice connects narratives of place and experience through function, materiality and knowledge transfer across a wide range of projects and collaborations. A continuing story of First Nations design and interconnected narratives of baayangalibiyaay (wellbeing of people and place) is central to her research and process led practice.

A graduate of UNSW Art and Design and current PHD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney, Lucy has exhibited widely, locally and abroad.

Object Series:

From Freshwater mussel shells 60-80 years old, to plant material, found objects, and stones + tools of trade and exchange; this is a series of objects gathered together to explore memory kinship and Country, and the fundamental roles we play to maintain balance and ensure continuity. Using sand casting, flame working, cold working and hand finishing, this collection of works features old new and continuing stories in stone / fibre / ceramics / glass developed and created in collaboration with master glass artists at Canberra Glassworks. A body of work using experimental techniques and recycled television glass to translate notions of value, waste and moments of trauma through a tactile conversation inherently connected with Country, Lore and material culture.

Dhayurr / large clear grinding stone set, 2020
cast glass

cast glass yarral / individual top stone, 2023

Dhanggal / mussel shell, 2023
cast glass, white and red ochre, charcoal
$250-300 each

Giba / small grinding stone set, 2020
various - cast glass, recycled glass
$2,200 each set

Bibil / bimble box branch, 2020
flameworked glass

Download the room sheet here.

Image top: Lucy Simpson, Giba, installation view at Canberra Glassworks, 2023. Photo: Brenton McGeachie for Canberra Glassworks