Hayden Youlley

Object 150 Maker


Hayden Youlley believes that good design is about realising function with aesthetic integrity without unnecessary complications. He thinks the products and systems we interact with everyday should enable us, instead of frustrate us, and he hopes to instil that in each of his objects.

For Hayden, the process of designing, prototyping and producing ceramics, both sculptural and functional, involves the right mix of instant satisfaction, challenge, surprise, problem solving and beauty to keep him interested in exploring all its possibilities.

Hayden Youlley studied a Bachelor of Design at COFA (UNSW Art & Design), which gave him the opportunity to experiment with various design disciplines and introduced him to ceramics.


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Image top: Hayden Youlley Portrait, 2017. Photo: Joshua Morris
Image bottom: Hayden Youlley, Paper Series Ceramics, 2017. Photo: Courtesy of the artist