As part of Margarita Sampson's A New Earth now on in Gallery 1, ADC's Communications Producer Laura Wesolowski asked Margarita three quick-fire questions to find out what inspires her as a designer maker.

What do you make?

"My practice is spread pretty widely, in terms of materials and form, what often happens is that I get interested in the inherent properties of a material and things follow on from there. I ask it: ‘what do you want to do?’ Currently I’m making a  stop motion film with the Norfolk Island community, but usually it’s spread between textiles, sculpture and jewelery. Anything I can touch, that has materiality."

Margarita Sampson, A New Earth, 2023 Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

Why do you make what you make?

"I switched from painting to 3D in the 90s because I realised that our response to objects is such a physical, pre-verbal one, and I wanted to explore that very visceral, intuitive push-pull response to work. It’s so primal. I make work because I want to communicate, to ask ‘what of this? How does this make you feel? What does this bring to mind?’’ and the physical piece is the conduit for a conversation. Even though the maker might have left the building, so to speak, the question is inherent in the work, which invites a response. Textiles are the first thing we touch apart after a human body, when we are born. They are intrinsic to our lives, so they remain a particular love of mine for the resonances they contain."

Margarita Sampson, Behind the Scenes, 2024. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

What inspires you?

"The intricacies of ecosystems, their tiny adaptions and interplays. The writings of Robin Wall Kimmerer. The conscientiousness and the dedication of my Buddhist community inspire me to move in the world in a way that is hopefully not only non-harming, but where possible brings about wellness for myself and others. Climate campaigners. Other artists, who despite there being virtually no financial reward, continue to bring beauty and enquiry into the world.  Having your perception shifted by an artwork or writing or just sitting still in nature is a wonderful thing, to help us be truly alive and present in the world. Everything is changing, all the time."

Margarita Sampson, A New Earth, ADC exhibition launch and 60th birthday party, 2024 Photo: Amy Piddington

Thanks Margarita!

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