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Object Book Group Book for July:

Design: Building on Country
By: Alison Page, Paul Memmott, Margo Neale (Editor)
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd, 2021.

Aboriginal design is of a distinctly cultural nature, based in the Dreaming and in ancient practices grounded in Country. It is visible in the aerodynamic boomerang, the ingenious design of fish traps and the precise layouts of community settlements that strengthen social cohesion.

Alison Page and Paul Memmott show how these design principles of sophisticated function, sustainability and storytelling, refined over many millennia, are now being applied to contemporary practices. Design: Building on Country issues a challenge for a new Australian design ethos, one that truly responds to the essence of Country and its people.

About the series: Each book is a collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and editors; the series is edited by Margo Neale, senior Indigenous curator at the National Museum of Australia.

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Previous book group reading:

June 2021: Patch Work, A Life Amongst Clothes by Claire Wilcox. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing 2021.

May 2021: Fewer Better Things by Glenn Adamson. Published by Bloomsbury, 2018.

April 2021: handiwork by Sara Baume. Published by Tramp Press, 2020.

March 2021: The Toaster Project: Or a Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch by Thomas Thwaites. Published by Princeton Architectural Press 2011.

Image top: Katherine Hattam, The Beautiful Years, 2014. Photo: Courtesy Daine Singer Gallery.