Examining issues related to a lack of diversity in the craft sector and the fact that black women receive more online abuse than anyone else, a new report by Karen Patel of Birmingham City University in the UK asks what can be done to support greater diversity in the UK craft sector. 

Supporting Diversity in Craft Practice through Digital Technology Skills Development explores how digital technology, particularly social media, can support greater diversity in craft practice through raising the online visibility of craft by women of colour. The project, published by the UK Crafts Council, involved interviews with 17 women makers who self-identify as from a BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic people) background.

 It offers important qualitative insights into their experience, including the role of their culture, background and upbringing on their practice, some of the barriers they potentially face to a craft career and the current challenges and opportunities of using social media.

 Read the full report here

Image: Supplied by Karen Patel, Birmingham City University. Copyright: Sophie Mutevelian