As a Sydney-based emerging curator, Elaine Kim was invited by Australian Design Centre’s CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Cahill, to develop exhibition Ceramics Stories [digital connections], which explored the intersection between ceramics and technology – the handmade and the digital.

The exhibition was aimed at pushing the boundaries of contemporary craft practice, but equally at professional development – of the curator and the creatives involved, alongside new audiences for craft and design.

Mentored by the ADC team, Elaine mapped out the curatorial rationale, selected the artists and invited June Kim to the project to create the digital elements. Elaine brought to the project her knowledge of ceramics as a practitioner, her experience of curating exhibitions for artist-run-spaces and her dual Korean and Australian sensibilities.

Elaine completed a Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership at University of NSW, where she previously gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) – all while mastering English as her second language.

As a curator, Elaine develops exhibitions featuring talented Australian artists, contributing to the rich culture of Sydney. In addition to her curatorial endeavours, Elaine is an accomplished ceramic artist whose work has become widely recognised. Her passion for curating ceramic exhibitions is a testament to her love for the art form.

Elaine is also a gifted emerging writer in both Australia and Korea, where she has been recognised for her literary talent. Her unique perspective is deeply influenced by her dual cultural heritage, embracing both Korean and Australian identities. This dual lens offers a unique outlook on the visual world and enriches her creative endeavours.

In her roles as both curator and artist, Elaine acts as a cultural bridge, connecting diverse artistic traditions and influences. Her curatorial work challenges conventions and invites viewers to reconsider their understanding of art in a dynamic, ever-evolving world. Her contributions to the artistic landscape offer fresh perspectives that enhance Sydney's vibrant arts community.

Image top: Elaine Kim speaking at the launch of Ceramic Stories [digital connections], 2023. Photo: Amy Piddington

Portrait of Elaine Kim Photo: Courtesy of the Artist