Bridget Long

Restore, within the weave, 2017

Textiles are a big part of our everyday lives yet we often overlook the complexities of their material meaning. The dominance of consumer-culture can lead to a detachment and disconnection with the materials individuals own and consume. 

Restore, within the weave, aims to give new insights within material forms and mindful design approaches to inspire social behavioural change and habitual awareness.

The work is a collection of bespoke vessels, displayed alongside a graphic information catalogue that suggests alternative ways of repurposing and reconnecting with the value of handmade textile design.

Image: Bridget Long, Restore, within the weave, 2017. Recycled clothing and textiles (cotton, leather, linen, silk), organic cotton, recycled linen, organic hemp yarn, hand-spun raw hemp yarn. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Bridget Long

Bridget Long’s creative practice explores traditional and contemporary woven and interlaced techniques through fibre art and textile design. Alongside tactile craftsmanship, her practice expands towards illustration, graphic design and fabric print outcomes. With an interest in the value of handmade design practices, her work explores social issues and collaborative, sustainable hybrid-design approaches.

Image: Bridget Long, 2017. Photo by Tulla Carson.