Eugena Kouvaros

Woven narratives, 2017

Woven narratives 
explores the value of textile art as a form of wearable protest. Each of the scarves in the collection reconfigures motifs and patterns drawn from the history of textile design. The aim of the work is to establish an engagement between an often-marginalised art form and contemporary political concerns.

The decision to create scarves—rather than another type of textile work—was motivated by their connection to the everyday lives of women. Drawing on archival research into the rich tradition of textile art, Woven narratives gives a tactile and material dimension to experiences and histories that are frequently hidden from view.

Image: Eugena Kouvaros, Woven narratives, 2017. Digitally printed chiffon. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Eugena Kouvaros

Eugena Kouvaros works in multiple mediums, with a specific focus on graphic illustration and printmaking. She enjoys creating designs that illustrate issues concerning gender equality, the history of wearable art, and popular culture.

Image: Eugena Kouvaros, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.