Julia Sharkey

MyCycle, 2017

MyCycle is a systematic approach to solving a design problem. 

It is a project that focuses on the use of bio-degradable and organic menstrual sanitary products. The goal is to make these products easily accessible using an iOS and Android friendly application and website.

A portion of proceeds from each sale is given to Loving Humanity, a charity that provides safe and sanitary menstrual products to the people of the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. MyCycle creates an affordable, accessible and eco-friendly alternative to commercial, non-organic menstrual hygiene products.

The core ethics explored and outlined during its conception include a consciousness for human health, the environment, feminism and charity. 

Image: Julia Sharkey, MyCycle, 2017. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Julia Sharkey

Julia Sharkey has a conscious desire to focus her work on environmental sustainability and human health. She is inspired largely by personal experience and intends to “re-design” simple systems to give her audience the opportunity to easily access healthy and eco-friendly alternatives.

Image: Julia Sharkey, 2017. Photo by Layla Toocaram.